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Safe and Secure

Secure Environment

First Friends has secure front entrance. The reception area separates itself from the classrooms. To gain access to the classrooms you must enter a security code into the keypad.

Pick Up and Drop Off

All children must be signed in and out on our touch screen monitor every day. Each parent and/or guardian has a unique code that is used to sign the child in and out. First Friends keeps a log of who picks up and drops off and the exact time and day. First Friends will only release a child to an adult specified on that child's Pickup Authorization Form


You are never far away from communicating with our staff or with your child. There is always someone at the front desk to greet you or answer your call. There is a telephone in every classroom so you can speak directly with your child's teacher or with your child.

Equipment Safety

The entire building and the contents of the building are made as safe as possible for the children. Our teachers inspect classroom equipment, playground equipment and the layout of the school daily. Fire inspectors, health inspectors and the Department of Children and Family Services also perform routine inspections. Broken or unsafe equipment is immediately taken out of service so that it can be repaired or replaced.

Web Cameras

First Friends provides a web camera service for the parents. You can log on from any internet connection any time of the day. First Friend administrative staff use this same service, from the office and reception areas, to monitor the classrooms.

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