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Areas of Development

Fine Motor Skills

Early preschoolers are preparing to become future writers. Manipulating a variety of materials like play dough and clay will give them the control and confidence they need to begin manipulating handwriting materials. They will begin to draw lines and circles as they enjoy making creations on their own.

Gross Motor Skills

Jumping, climbing, and hopping are all activities that are enjoyed by early preschoolers. Their movements are more purposeful and they usually set out with a goal in mind. Activities can take place both inside and out. The children will have opportunities to participate in gross motor activities like parachute play with a group of friends.

Emotional Skills

More than at any other stage young preschoolers are demanding independence even when they clearly can not accomplish the task at hand. Setting up situations where children at this stage can reach their goal and become successful is crucial to their development. Creating an environment where the children feel free to make mistakes and have their feelings validated will ensure a sense of comfort.

Social Skills

Early preschoolers are now more aware of their peers but they still remain unsure of how to approach them for play. They will be encouraged to interact in small groups and engage in pretend play. Building a barn for the farm animals in the block center, setting the table for dinner in the dramatic play area, and dancing in dress up clothes are just a few examples of how early preschoolers will be encouraged to practice social skills

Language Skills

Early preschoolers are developing language at a rapid rate. They are learning that language can make things happen. They are able to use words to indicate their needs. They will be encouraged to use their language to express themselves. They commonly enjoy singing short nursery rimes and mimicking finger plays. They are more interested in books and they enjoy listening to stories with their friends.

Cognitive Skills

Becoming more familiar with their surroundings, young preschoolers often ask many questions like how many and why? The teachers use open ended questions to allow early preschoolers to use their language skills. Children love to explain what they think will happen next in the story or tell what they created in the art center. This language encouragement will boost cognitive development. Activities like sorting and classifying as well as counting will become part of their daily routine. They are also sharpening math skills as they work hands on in the learning centers.

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