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Areas of Development

Fine Motor Skills

Infants will strengthen fine motor skills by using their hands to explore many different objects. They will be encouraged to reach, clap, and, wave through mimicking their caregivers.

Gross Motor Skills

Providing a safe place for infants to spend most of their day free of restraints will allow them to build muscle, balance and coordination. Tummy time, sitting help, and walking practice will be part of the daily routine.

Emotional Skills

Building trust and strong bonds with caregivers will create emotional security for infants. Caregivers strive to spend one on one time with each infant. Soft singing, dancing, and finger play will create a sense of comfort for infants

Social Skills

Infants will become aware of other people as they spend time in a group setting. They enjoy studying the faces of other infants as they are placed together face to face. When caregivers are responsive and react to an infants cry the infant will learn how to communicate effectively.

Language Skills

Infants are born wired for language. Exposing them to many different sounds, gestures, and vocabulary words will encourage language skills. Infants look forward to the reaction they receive from their caregivers when they giggle, coo, and babble. Reading books and listening to stories will maximize their ability for language.

Cognitive Skills

Infants will use their senses to explore their environment and learn about the world around them. Stacking cups and large piece puzzles are favorite activities of our infants. Games like peek a boo teach infants about cause and effect. Activities will be carefully planned to maximize cognitive development.

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