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Areas of Development

Fine Motor Skills

Pre K is a big step for young children. There will be an incredible improvement in their fine motor abilities by the end of pre k. All of the practice cutting, drawing, and modeling clay will allow them to write letters as they explore the alphabet. They will practice opening their backpack and putting papers in and out of their folders. All of these activities will ensure confidence as the children enter elementary school.

Gross Motor Skills

Pre K children are always refining their motor skills. They enjoy challenging themselves to jump further, and climb higher as they show that they can move with more balance and control. They enjoy games that allow them to practice throwing, kicking, and catching. The teachers will pair children up to practice these favorite activates. The children will improve hand eye coordination as they engage in more complex movements.

Emotional Skills

Pre K children are developing self awareness and self control. Children will flourish when included in classroom activities and allowed to engage in self directed play. They understand that they are a part of school family and they can make simple choices throughout the day. Each child will have simple responsibilities around the classroom to help out. They may be the line leader, puppet helper, or door holder. Each child will take pride in their job and feel like a valued part of the class.

Social Skills

Pre K children are able to engage in conversation with their peers using more detail and greater vocabulary. They will practice taking turns listening and speaking as they form special friends that they prefer to play with. Children experience a boost in comfort and confidence as they build their friendships. This starts the development of empathy and caring for others.

Language Skills

Reading is taken to a new level in the pre k classrooms. The teachers engage the children in an interactive story times where there ideas and thoughts are an important part of the learning experience. Retelling, predicting, and sequencing parts of the text will help expand their language as well as sharpen comprehension skills.

Cognitive Skills

Pre K children still enjoy sorting and classifying because it allows them to gain organization in their world. The teachers will engage children in activities that allow them to describe and record information on maps, charts, and graphs. They will understand positional words and begin to learn about direction, distance, and location. Hands on math and science activities will encourage the children to develop a love of learning.

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