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Areas of Development

Fine Motor Skills

Preschoolers are able to manipulate handwriting materials with more ease. They enjoy using a variety of pencils, crayons, and markers to create purposeful works of art. They set out with a goal and take pride in their accomplishments. Cutting paper, molding clay, and stringing beads are favorite activities in our preschool classrooms.

Gross Motor Skills

Preschool children are becoming more active craving activities that strengthen their arms and legs. Jumping, throwing, kicking, and running are important skills to sharpen at this age group. Animal movements, red light green light, and follow the leader are all great games to play with preschoolers.

Emotional Skills

As children grow they begin to have an understanding of feelings and how their actions affect others. They often show signs of varying emotions like pride and embarrassment. The preschool children will be comforted and understood even at times when they make mistakes. When children know that they are valued they will become secure and feel safe in their school environment.

Social Skills

Preschoolers really enjoy playing with their classmates. The children finally have the skills to engage in cooperative meaningful play. They separate into small groups and mimic what they have learned about their world. They use home living to become mommy, daddy, or even Fido their pet dog. The block center becomes a construction zone with all of the emergency vehicles ready to go in case of an emergency. They set the scene, pick their characters, and play it out. With encouragement from their teachers each child is included in pretend play.

Language Skills

Preschoolers use language to problem solve with their peers. They can explain what is upsetting them and are encouraged to work to find a solution. In the beginning this developing skill takes full assistance from the teachers. After many problems solving sessions the children begin to use their language to solve simple problems on their own. They are learning that language is a powerful tool. They often enjoy putting on puppet shows, reading stories to each other, and making up their own songs as they now have the gift of language.

Cognitive Skills

Providing preschoolers with puzzles, matching games, and memory games will give them opportunities to use their thinking skills. Preschoolers are always up to a challenge. They are able to sort, match, and organize materials with greater ease. They are always looking for a mission and will have great confidence when they are set up for success.

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