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Areas of Development

Fine Motor Skills

School age children will be practicing fine motor skills as they are encouraged to keep a journal in the classroom. Daily journal entries will strengthen fine motor skills and improve their handwriting. Materials like Legos, connecting blocks, and an abundance of art materials will engage school age children as they use their creativity to create structures and pieces of art.

Gross Motor Skills

School age children enjoy refining their sports skills as they throw around a football or dribble a basketball. The teachers will set out hula hoops, different size playground balls, and obstacle courses, to help the children strengthen their large motor skills.

Emotional Skills

Self image is extremely important to school age children. Feeling a sense of acceptance and self worth is vital for school age children to perform at their full academic performance. Teachers will strive to include all children in the group and find activities that interest them.

Social Skills

School Age children will interact with other children their age. Playing board games, card games and other appropriate games will encourage children to play together. Teachers will set up many activities for children to work in small groups. Small groups allow them to engage in conversation with their peers.

Language Skills

Language can be used to help school age children express their feelings. When school age children build trust in their teachers they will be more likely to talk to them about the stress that comes with each new stage. The teachers will work on creating a relationship with each student where trust and respect is established. School age children that have conversations regularly with and adult will naturally have better language skills. Daily reading will take place as the children wind down from a busy day at school.

Cognitive Skills

School age children will have opportunities to play strategy games like chess, checkers, and mancala. Working on a group puzzle or trying to figure out a brain teaser will stimulate their developing minds. The teachers will encourage higher level thinking as they explain their homework to them and offer assistance when needed.

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