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Areas of Development

Fine Motor Skills

Toddlers will be offered many opportunities to manipulate objects and improve fine motor skills. Through stacking, dumping, scribbling, and finger painting, toddlers will gain strength in their hands and fingers.

Gross Motor Skills

Children will be encouraged to move their body to maximize eye hand coordination and balance. This is done with fun activities that include kicking and throwing a large soft ball, navigating obstacle courses designed by the staff, and pushing and pulling large objects.

Emotional Skills

Toddlers often struggle with the desire to be independent and the need for dependence. Toddlers are encouraged to perform tasks on their own. Caregiver assistance is there to help before frustration sets in. When toddlers feel secure in their environment they will explore their surroundings. They know they can seek comfort from a loving caregiver whenever they feel insecure.

Social Skills

Toddlers are made aware of their peers and encouraged to recognize their feelings. Using words to label feelings such as sad, excited and happy will help toddlers become aware of others. Toddlers still engage mostly in parallel play and do not often interact with each other without encouragement from their caregivers. Setting up daily opportunities to share and take turns in small groups will develop positive social skills.

Language Skills

Toddler language begins with naming familiar object and people. Toddlers are generally interested in mimicking words. The more words they hear the more language they will obtain. Reading books and using props for story time will enhance the language experience. Toddlers will enjoy naming body parts, colors, and making animal sounds. With all of the daily exposure to language toddlers will eventually develop the ability to put words together to express their needs.

Cognitive Skills

Toddlers are very curious about the world around them. They are always ready to explore the materials in their environment. Activities like matching animals to sounds and sorting objects by color will require toddlers to use higher level thinking skills and develop a strong cognitive foundation.

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