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First Friends has a unique program for all families. With many options to choose from, there is a perfect program for everyone.

First Friends created Flexible Days and Flexible Hours so that you don’t have to work around our schedule – we work around yours!

There are 15 different options that have been carefully crafted to maximize your child’s experience at school. First Friends was the first in the area to introduce part time schedules and we continue to lead the way in flexibility.

Children are always learning. From the time your child wakes up until the time they go to bed. There are countless opportunities to learn and grow. Each program, no matter the days or the hours, will foster your child’s achievements.

From story time to family style dining, our program offers your child a full day of learning regardless of what program is right for you.

As a way to promote even more learning and growth, First Friends offers many enrichment programs. These programs are so valuable to the children because they enhance the overall school experience.

As a parent you want to expose your child to extracurricular activities. We build these activities into your child’s program so that you can save time and money.

Most of the programs are included with no extra cost to you. You can feel confident knowing that your child had a full day at First Friends.

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